Cal Grant FAFSA

Students interested in receiving a Cal Grant must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Application.  The FAFSA Application is a free application and does not cost any money to apply.  There are FAFSA services online that will help you complete your FAFSA, but please be aware that they will charge you a fee to complete and submit your application.  California also offers a, “Cash for College,” workshop where you can receive one-on-one assistance when completing your FAFSA and Cal Grant Application.  The Cash for College program is a completely free service that is offered at many different locations throughout California.

The FAFSA application is administered by the Federal Department of Education and is used by the majority of two- and four-year colleges, universities and career schools.  The FAFSA is available January 1 and it is highly recommended that the application is completed as soon as possible to receive the maximum Cal Grant award amount. 
In order to complete your FAFSA, you will need to have your prior year tax information available. If you haven’t completed your taxes then you can submit this information at a later date.  You will also need the codes of the schools you’re interested in attending.  These school codes will inform the prospective schools of your financial aid award amount. 

The FAFSA takes into account your family’s income and assets, family size, and cost of attendance to determine how much financial aid you qualify to receive.  The FAFSA must be submitted by March 2 in order to be eligible for a Cal Grant.  The information that is used in the FAFSA will determine if you are eligible for a Cal Grant.  Students that are in financial need or considered low income have a much higher chance of receiving some form of financial aid.
The FAFSA can be completed and submitted anytime between Jan 1 and Mar 2 of the year immediately before the fall term in which you would like to use your Cal Grant.  If you have missed the March 2 deadline and you plan to attend a community college then you can apply for the community college cal grant.  Students must submit their application before September 2 to be eligible for this type of Cal Grant. 

Please be advised that there is a limited number of Cal Grants available for students attending an approved post-secondary institution.  It is recommended that students complete their FAFSA and Cal Grant Application as soon as possible in order to receive the maximum Cal Grant award amount. 

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