Cash for College Workshop

Cash for college workshops help students and parents complete the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid application and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form required for Cal Grants.  The main purpose of the Cash for College workshop is to assist low income and first generation college students complete the application process so they can receive financial aid for their higher education.

California Cash for College Workshops are held in January and February of every year, up until the Cal Grant March 2 deadline.

Once you’ve found a Cash for College Workshop in your area, you’ll need to make sure to bring the following with you to complete the FAFSA at the actual event:

Driver's license

Social Security card or number

Alien registration number, if you are not a U.S. citizen

Your 2011 income information

Parent 2011 income information

Your tax and parent tax information; previous year taxes are okay for now if you don't have 2011 tax information

2011 bank statements

Any records of untaxed income such as welfare benefits, Social Security benefits, or child support payments

List of colleges you are interested in attending
Counselors and volunteers will be able to help you complete the actual FAFSA Application and answer any questions you may have about federal and state student financial aid. 

Cash for College also starting offering free online event with staff and representatives from the CASFAA (California Student Aid Commission and the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators to assist high school seniors to navigate through the financial aid process after the financial aid applications have been submitted. 
More than 1,500 students attended the first ever live event and more are expected this year.  During the event, live counselors and administrators will discuss:

§ How to Track you Cal Grant
§ How to update your FAFSA if you need to make changes
§ How to read your financial aid award letter
§ How to read your financial aid award letter from the CA community colleges
§ How to choose a college once you’ve received your awards letter

The State of California is offering some great opportunities to learn more about financial aid and the many options that are available to high school seniors.  College can be affordable if you use the right financial aid resources.

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